Free Animal Jam Accounts and Passwords

Free Animal Jam Accounts and Passwords

Animal Jam is an online virtual world game developed by Wild Works. It was initially launched in 2010 in collaboration with the National Geographic Society. With about 160 million registered players, Animal Jam is one of the fastest growing online kids games in the world.

In Animal Jam game, players learn various facts about zoology, using the game’s many features, including exploring, mini-games, adventures, parties and social interactions.

Animal Jam is a game that is played online first. Animal Jam game was developed to be played from mobile devices such as smart phones. The most popular Animal Jam mobile app is Play 3D, a 3D version of the world. Wild Works has also developed other apps based on Animal Jam, such as Tunnel Town, AJ Jump, and Dash Tag.

Development Process

It was developed by Animal Jam Wild Works (formerly called Smart Bomb Interactive) and was released on September 9, 2010. In 2011, Animal Jan had more than 1 million registered players in the game. Later, in March 2013, the game had the success of reaching more than 10 million players. Since then, the number of players who played Animal Jan has grown heavily, reaching more than 100 million players by the end of 2018.

Free Animal Jam Accounts and Passwords:

Username: wetpussy
Password: phyruxusffffffff

Username: stargate
Password: jramiomsn1980

Username: lucky13
Password: jigsawfrog

Username: shannon
Password: 7405257

Username: tomahawk
Password: MXq4Iwc7

Username: trout1
Password: mv3Ws6Qd

Username: kelsey
Password: shanieschulistaaaa

Username: 2222
Password: elvera94825934

Username: novell
Password: FFOPLS

Username: flatron
Password: carroll11111

Username: jazzy
Password: wunschnoeliamclaughlinPTKWXYR

Username: brittany
Password: mschummnuts

Username: licker
Password: 9737056

Username: max333
Password: EHQCQA

Username: leroy
Password: apylczqcv

Username: murzik
Password: RMAHLB

Username: piercing
Password: lukas69jonescharter

Username: terminat
Password: amalialurcher

Username: atticus
Password: mayertnicolasflatley3031984

Username: taylor1
Password: 4192704

Username: north
Password: misaelboehmbarrowsseabee


It is played with a variety of different biomes and customizable animals in a fictional space known as Jamaa. New players must create an animal with a name consisting of three simple words. From this point on, you can customize your player and move with him in the gaming environment. You can use items such as gems and diamonds to trade the currency in the game.

Communication and Security

Animal Jam includes three versions of the in-game chat that offer various levels of restrictions. Bubble Chat restricts players to write messages, but allows them to select predefined words and phrases from the list. The default setting, Secure Chat, allows players to type only whitelist-like words or phrases from a particular list allowed by the game. Safe Chat Plus, which was previously only available to members but is now available to all players, allows players to type any word or phrase, even if it passes through the game’s secure chat filter. Parents can control the chat settings of the players from the top panel of the site. It may report or block another player for unacceptable, unbearable or inappropriate behavior. If the player is found to be unacceptable, irresistible, or improperly chatted, the player can block their chat, turn off the chat for a certain period of time (usually a day), and even sign in for a certain period of time.

Educational Items

In addition to in-game natural facts and activities, Animal Jam provides herpetologist Brady Barr and marine biologist Tierney Thys educational video content. There may also be events and messages regarding the prevention of environmental problems and events throughout the game.

The travel book is also an educational feature for the game. When the player finds any matching pictures from the travel book, the player will be informed about the animal / plant.

In addition, Animal Jam Academy is a program directly linked to the Animal Jam website by Wild Works. It offers users “how-to” projects with themes of science, technology, engineering and art.

If you are looking for an educational game to play with Animal Jam or an educational game for your child, you can take part in this virtual world with more than 100 million players by playing it with your child. You can continue to visit our website to learn more about games.


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