27 More Blog Workspaces

27 More Blog Workspaces

A couple of weeks ago I took readers on a video tour of my blogging workspace and invited others to share theirs via video or picture. A few days later I put together a mashup post of 27 reader blogging workspaces. I said at the time that I wasn’t sure if I’d do another mashup – however the submissions continued to come in so I thought I’d do one last one.

Here’s the latest reader blogging workspaces (another 27 of them):

Bob Ostrom shared a fun view of his office:

Charity’s is very neat!

Blogging Hq

Ryan Paul blogs mainly from work:


Shawn Farner blogs from the kitchen table:


SeoVice has some fun stuff around their workstation:


Michael got a new desk for his birthday


Ryan Caldwell shares a few images of his – here’s one (bonus points for having “That Work” – SLG on the screen at the time!):


Mark’s Blogging HQ:

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Kamal shares theirs:


Trendmatcher has done a video tour of his blogging bag – quite the setup – my back hurts just watching it!:

not sure how to embed it – but you can view it here.

Deborah’s Ng showed her blogging set up:


Petite Mom (and her little one) shared a video tour of her set up:

Kai shares their blog setup – love the guitar:

The Schreibtisch

Brian shares another video tour:

Dave shared his in picture and video:


Frank’s is pretty unique – complete with sword collection!

763033861 24300B8003

Andy tidied up for his image (but didn’t we all?):

Andy Merrett Problogging Setup

Jeffro2ptO shares his:

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LiveWorkDream is blogging from the road:

Harstadofice 20070811 01

Blogging Experiment might win the award for most screens on a desk:


Patrick shows off his:


Sam has created an amazing panoramic view (well worth clicking to enlarge this one to see the full thing):


Mike’s another blogger on the road blogging from the great outdoors!


John’s another blogger who blogs on the ocean:


Sean blogs here:

Blogging Workspace

Here’s Michael’s blogging HQ (and yes, they are pistols on his desk).


Blain rounds out this round of submissions with his blogging setup (lots of screen real estate there!):

My Setup 001


John Cow did submit his video tour earlier but I misplaced it. Here it is:

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