Blogging Goals – Final Reader Submissions


Thanks to everyone who has submitted entries in this week’s Blogging Goals Group Writing Project. There were 130 submissions in total (49 more than last time) – so many that it was a little overwhelming to keep up with listing them all – especially when I got distracted reading them all along the way!

What I was impressed about this week was the variety of blogs that were represented in terms of topics, genres, parts of the world and even language (we had a few non English submissions this week which was exciting).

Before you check out the latest batch of submissions – remember that there is no WINNER for each project but I do encourage you to surf through the list and find the posts that are winners in your own mind. Leave them an encouraging comments and post about them on your own blog. In the process I’m sure you’ll find some great new blogs (like I have in putting this project together this week).

Here’s the final reader submissions which will be added to the central page where you’ll see every post for the week. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to surf the list and link up to your favorites.

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