Keywords in URLs and AdSense

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Interesting post over at ipears (love the name) on The importance of a good ‘post slug’ where Jan reflects upon the impact that changing URLs of individual posts from number extensions to content related keyword extensions had on AdSense ads.

‘I left all titles as is, but started renaming all post-slugs from numbers to content related (yeah, now I know it is meant for that) slugs. While doing so and saving I saw the immediate reflection in the google ads. Quite amazing and quite stupid that never before I paid enough attention to it. ‘

This is a good observation – often we talk about the importance of keywords in URLs for SEO purposes and forget ads. I would add to this that I’ve found that meta tags can also have an impact upon your AdSense ads. While most people believe they don’t have much impact upon SEO in Google these days it’s one of the first things I look at when people tell me they are getting irrelevant ads on their blog.

Keep in mind that AdSense is reliant upon keywords in a very similar way to SEO draws on them – work on one and you might just work on the other without knowing it.

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