Monetize Your Mobile Website with AdSense

Monetize Your Mobile Website with AdSense

AdSense publishers who are logging into their AdSense accounts today will notice a new link in their Overview page – AdSense for Mobile – Get Started.

It seems that AdSense have just launched this new service which enables publishers with Mobile websites to monetize them.

To use it you need to have a page that is ‘mobile-compliant’ or the ads won’t display. More on this from the Google AdSense Help pages:

“If you don’t currently have a mobile website (and chances are, if you’re not sure, then you don’t have one), you can create one by rewriting your existing website in a mobile markup language, such as XHTML, WML, or CHTML. You’ll also need to make sure the layout of your website is properly formatted to display on mobile phones.

In addition, your mobile website will need to be developed using server-side scripting such as PHP or ASP. Many web hosting providers support PHP, and in many cases, you can PHP-enable your webpages simply by changing the file extension from .htm to .php. Thereafter you can paste the PHP code snippet into the section of the page where you want the AdSense for mobile ads to appear.”

Once you’ve got a mobile compliant website setting up the ads looks pretty simple – very similar to setting up ads for normal websites actually with a similar wizard to design ads. Ad units come in two sizes (single and double) – both are just text ads (pictured below).


Thanks to Michael for the heads up on this one.

Update: A few hours after we broke the news Google post their official announcement announcing AdSense for Mobile. Remember where you heard it first 🙂

Update 2 – this release is only for publishers in some countries. These are included in the list – US, England, Germany, Spain, Ireland, France, Italy, Russia, Netherlands, China, Australia, India and Japan.

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